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In the fortuitous convergence of destiny, Verna and Laresa’s trajectories intertwined in the year 2018. The cosmic forces aligned as the two creative souls recognized a kindred spirit within one another. Laresa, a skilled commercial photographer, had an unquenchable thirst for artistic exploration, yearning to infuse her work with the essence of art. Meanwhile, Verna was undergoing a transformative journey, seeking to break away from the traditional medium of oil paint and explore the boundless frontiers of digital art. They complemented each other in a way that was fated to be and they found the missing piece of their artistic puzzle, a complementary yin to their yang, a creative partner that offered the very thing they had been yearning for.

The intertwining of Verna and Laresa’s paths, culminated in the birth of Collaborative Art Creations – an online gallery where their personal artworks, joint creations, and the work of other local artists whom they hold in high esteem converge. These two masterful creatives have dedicated themselves to fostering an unbreakable bond with art, a bond that has been strengthened through their transcendental quest. With over a century’s worth of artistic expression between them, their collaborative efforts have yielded unparalleled pieces of art that are a testament to their mutual reverence for the craft.

Laresa and Verna view their art as a spiritual conduit, delving into the mystical realms of existence and connecting with the divine. Their creative expressions are a beacon of hope and inspiration, conveying profound messages of love, faith, metamorphosis, and the beauty of life. Through their works, they aspire to elevate and empower others, inviting them to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner awakening.

Verna du Toit – Symbolic fine artist

Verna du Toit

Laresa Perlman – Geometric artist & photographer

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