Behind the scenes, silence holds the key


Artist: Verna du Toit

Medium : Oil on canvas {100 cm x 170 cm}
Unique edition




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According to the Buddhist principle, the monkey mind, is a term which refers to being unsettled, restless or confused.

In my work, ‘Behind the scenes, silence holds the key’, the monkey is seated in a cross-legged position signifying the basis for meditation.  With his one hand he holds a key, and with the other he gestures towards silence. He is seated on top of a locked wooden kist, which symbolizes that all feelings and thoughts have been put aside for the moment, and that he is in control.

The red color of the floor, symbolizes the foundation of our most primitive physical and emotional needs for survival and self-preservation.  At the same time the astrological signs and symbols point to higher celestial guidance which is available at all times.  The bitten apple represents our indulgence in earthly pleasures, and the snake in contrast, embodies our creative life force and is the symbol for healing and rebirth.

The hands holding the two mirrors are supporting self-reflection and awareness.  The eyes of wisdom, which are the gateway to the soul, are looking beyond the ‘stone-cold masked’ stage of life (situated behind him). The eyes see the truth, which is reflected in the staircase leading to the vortex of illumination.


Oil on canvas {100 cm x 170 cm}