Artist: Verna du Toit

Medium : Oil on canvas {60 cm x 155cm}
Unique edition




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According to Psychoanalytic Theorist, Jacques Lacan, the uncanny places us in the field where we do not know to distinguish bad from good, pleasure from displeasure resulting in an irreducible anxiety that gestures to the real.

To some, this might be the initial reaction evoked when confronted with an eerie hollow eyed doll’s face.  For me it is an opportunity to explore deeper into the underlying elements of comfort and discomfort, our perception of good and bad and the interplay between these opposite polarities.

The missing eye, a void of emptiness reveals a feeling of being lost and blind, perhaps a fear of failure and losing one’s own identity which results in lack of confidence, the ants are the carriers of sacrifice, a determination to get up and try again.  On the other side the healthy eye represents vigilance and truth, clarity and the gateway to a higher awareness and understanding.

The duality of “opposites” is at play throughout the work and is reflected through varies symbols and objects. The Soul depicted as an angel is whispering words of wisdom and truth whereas the ego which is portrayed as ‘corporate death’ feeds on insecurities and is building the false identity.  All is at play within the whole…

The hands symbolically gesture towards a contrasting conclusion, one pointing towards elements of light, life and growth whereas the other hovers towards death and destruction.

I have personally come to the conclusion that through making varies decisions, whether it is perceived as either good or bad, we constantly come to conclusions of new preferences, and there for life continually expands.  Soul therefor has a relationship with ego and is reliant on the contrasting elements for its evolution.





Oil on canvas {60 cm x 155 cm}