Concentric Candy Stripes



Artist: Laresa Perlman 

Medium : Acrylic and Ink on canvas {80 cm Tondo}
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One of Laresa Perlman’s earlier works

Laresa Perlman, an innovative artist, employs a distinctive self designed rotating device to create mesmerizing concentric circle paintings. Unlike traditional methods, Perlman’s approach involves a specialized apparatus that allows her to precisely rotate the canvas or painting surface.

By controlling the rotation speed and direction, Perlman orchestrates the movement of her airbrush, resulting in perfectly formed concentric circles. This method grants her exceptional command over the symmetry, patterns, and intricacy within her artworks.

Perlman’s technique is a testament to the fusion of artistic vision and technological ingenuity. The mesmerizing patterns and precise geometry in her concentric circle paintings showcase not only her artistic prowess but also her mastery in utilizing unconventional tools to bring her creative concepts to life.

This process demands unwavering precision and a steady hand, especially when utilizing her airbrush to craft intricate concentric circle patterns. Each rotation of her specialized device requires meticulous control over the airbrush, ensuring that the circles maintain uniformity and flawless symmetry.

Perlman’s mastery lies not only in the manipulation of her rotating apparatus but also in her ability to synchronize the movement of the airbrush with the rotation speed. This synchronization is crucial for achieving the desired patterns and maintaining consistency throughout the artwork.

Her commitment to perfection and her keen attention to detail are evident in the seamless execution of these concentric circles, resulting in visually captivating and flawlessly crafted artworks. Perlman’s dedication to precision elevates her technique and contributes to the unique allure of her paintings.


Acrylic and ink on canvas {80cm}