Artist: Verna du Toit

Medium : Digitally transformed
Limited Edition: 30

Print size includes white paper border

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2059.4 x 81.4Digitally transformedArchival printtube
1084.1 x 115.3Digitally transformedArchival printtube
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Title: Heading

The title, “Heading”, encapsulates the essence of the work. The focus is placed upon two halves of the same head, but with distinct implicit viewpoints, as well as opposite polarities. My intention was to elicit a sense of union as well as separation.

The section on the left represents the human mind and matter. It places the focus on life perceived from a scientific viewpoint. The inside of the sliced head appears to be solid, but on closer inspection rippled circles within the anthill inspired cavities become visible.  These growth rings represent memory, as well as tells the story of human evolution, and the function of the biological mind. It’s also evident that within these cavity walls, there’s no further room for expansion.

The microscopic eyeglass compounds this notion, and also refers to the mind’s endless search and quest to examine life at greater and greater depths. In this case the subject matter is a dragonfly, representing the perfect adaptability and transformation of nature. The more the mind tries to understand this, the more the answers elude it.

The misty grey cityscape in the background appears forbidding, mirroring repetitious thoughts and memories which normally clutter an already murky mind. The road which emerges from the cityscape runs through a dark tunnel before coming to an abrupt end which is still under construction. This symbolizes the individual as well as collective journey towards enlightenment, which is continuously underway. In contrast, the forgotten relics and rusted remnants in the foreground point to the end of a life cycle.

The section on the right represents the spaciousness underlying mind and matter, and our innate wisdom to become present, and then return to a spaciousness that ensues.  The inside of the sliced head comprises the same cavities, but in this case they are filled with nothing but empty space, similar to that of an atom.  Luscious greenery suspends from these futuristic sky windows which symbolizes fertility, health, growth and expansion. The green pastures in the distance as well as the sun-kissed flower field in the foreground all add to a feeling of well-being, tranquility and peace.

The tower crane on the right is in the process of constructing the existing road which is heading towards majestic nature.  The crane has the ability to balance, lift and move extremely heavy objects.  In this case it represents the ability of the human mind to construct a new reality, one step, one new thought at a time.

Dreamlike celestial spheres are floating within the infinite flawless sky. Each Sphere encapsulates an element of Quantum physics.  From neurons firing & wiring, to atoms, molecules, & DNA,  finally resulting in the physical formation of an embryo, thus giving life.  This symbolizes the formation, and manifestation of thoughts into matter.  According to Dr Joe Dispenza “The latest research supports the notion that we have a natural ability to change the brain and body by thought alone, so that it looks biologically like some future event has already happened.  Because you can make thought more real than anything else, you can change who you are from brain cell to gene, given the right understanding.”

The third eye which is the gateway to higher consciousness represents the ‘electric receptacle’  and completes the circuit between the two polarities.   The Live (brown) wire on the right, carries the current towards human consciousness whilst the neutral (blue) wire on the left carries it back to Higher consciousness.  The two halves complete their function as one, and Source energy expands through the physical human experience.

Available Sizes

59.4 cm x 81.4 cm, 84.1 cm x 115.3 cm


This artwork is printed on archival fine art paper

Signature & Certificate

Each limited Edition print is digitally signed with the unique stamp of the artist, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.