Artist: Laresa Perlman

Medium : Ink, acrylics on Canvas
Unique Work

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Unique60 x 60Painting (ink, acrylics)Canvascrate

Size:  60cm x 60cm


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The symbolism of a totem varies depending on the culture and tradition it comes from. In general, however, totems are thought to have protective or empowering qualities and to provide a sense of identity and connection to the natural world.

In some cultures, a totem may represent an animal that is believed to have special powers or qualities, such as strength, agility, or wisdom. For example, the eagle is a common totem in Native American culture, and it represents power, freedom, and spiritual connection. Similarly, the bear is a totem in many indigenous cultures, and it represents strength, protection, and healing.
In other cultures, a totem may be a natural object, such as a tree or a rock formation, that is believed to have special significance or spiritual power. For example, in Australian Aboriginal culture, a totem may be a particular plant or animal that is associated with a particular clan or family, and it represents the clan’s connection to the land and their spiritual ancestors.

Overall, the symbolism of a totem is deeply rooted in the cultural and spiritual beliefs of the people who use it. It can provide a sense of connection to the natural world, a sense of identity and belonging, and a source of spiritual power and protection.

Some interesting information on how this artwork was created:

This concentric circle was created with a specially designed spinning device. The spinning device concept came about after Laresa, wanted to have a rotating easel to make working on geometric art works a lot easier on the shoulders. Her first spinning device was made out the rotisserie motor of her braai (barbeque). She woke up early one morning and dismantled the family braai. She then made a very primitive rotating device that she burnt out within a few days. And so, the process began of refining what she needed the final unit to do. The process of refining the device took approximately 2 years with a lot of sketches, homemade prototypes, and designs. Now Laresa has a unit that can be used in all the ways she has in her mind. Her final design with all the alterations and amendments was put together by an engineering company in Cape Town.

The various units she designs to execute her artwork, is an integral part of her process of creation. To date she has come up with 3 main designs, with each having their own unique functions with various appendages.






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