Artists: Collaborative work by Verna Du Toit, Laresa Perlman

Medium : Photography/Digital
Limited Edition: 44

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2231.9 x 84Digital / photographyArchival printtube
2245 x 118.5Digital / photographyArchival printtube
In breakthrough, one sees the element of the heart. Learning to live from the heart, enables humanity to evolve. Even though it gets broken, it heals & transcends circumstance, enabling flexibility & growth
The Hybrid, combination of animal and human, is the pathway to our natural animal instinct. Animals are egoless & in touch with the natural rhythm of life, whether good or bad, it’s always accepted.
The Dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. It appears to be able to change direction swiftly, gliding through the air with no apparent effort. A symbol of metamorphosis & transformation, it inspires the changes needed to reach one’s full potential.

This artwork is a collaboration by artists, Laresa Perlman & Verna du Toit. Verna doing the digital work in Photoshop, and Laresa doing all the photography

Available Sizes

31.9 cm x 84 cm, 45 cm x 118.5 cm

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Archival print


This artwork is printed on archival fine art paper (print size includes white paper border)

Signature & Certificate

Each limited Edition print is digitally signed with the unique stamp of the artists, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. This artwork is a collaboration between Laresa Perlman and Verna du Toit