Captain Covac


Artist: Verna du Toit

Medium : Digitally transformed
Limited Edition: 50

EditionsSize in cmMedAvailable onShipping
1550 x 50Digitally transformedArchival printtube
1550 x 50Digitally transformedPerspexcrate
890 x 90Digitally transformedArchival printtube
890 x 90Digitally transformedPerspexcrate
490 x 90Digitally transformedDiaseccrate

Based on the theory by Carl Jung, the Hero’s main feat, is to overcome the monster of darkness: it is the long-hoped-for and expected triumph of consciousness over unconsciousness. [“the psychology of the child archetype,” CW 91,PAR 284.]
According to Frith Luton, a Zurich – trained Jungian analyst and psychotherapist, in “Mythologically, the Hero’s goal is to find the treasure, the princess, the ring, the golden elixir of life, etc. These are metaphors for one’s true feelings, and unique potential. In the process of individuation, the heroic task is to assimilate unconscious contents, as opposed to being overwhelmed by them. The potential result is the release of energy that has been tied up with unconscious complexes. “

The hero in my story, realizes that the treasure is found within herself. With her dragonfly wings she carries the wisdom of transformation and adaptability. Her armor acts like a mirror, and serves as a catalyst to reflect the consequences of our actions, also keeping her safe against expressions of fear.

The crown chakra which is located above her head, is an energy centre associated with higher consciousness and transcendence of fear and limitations. This symbol also refers to the word “Corona “which originated from Latin meaning, crown. As with all dreams, signs and symbols, it holds the key to a deeper understanding. What is the underlying collective momentum in belief? Could it be that this virus is simply highlighting the Shadow aspects within ourselves and humanity as a whole? The fear and anger and blame shifting which surrounds this epidemic could have far greater consequence than the virus itself,
but like with all aspects of contrast, it ultimately leads to greater understanding, and expansion.

Captain Covac deliberately shines the light, on being the hero of her own story. She brings awareness back to self, and places the focus on shifting this epidemic from within. True change occurs when we stop projecting outwards and we start to reflect inwards. Our outer world shifts dramatically when we take responsibility for your own thoughts actions and beliefs.

In my story, she transcends the egotistical chaos by shifting her awareness towards the things which she has control over. She directs her focus to be present in each moment, by feeling appreciation. By taking simple steps, she develops a keen sense of awareness for all of life, which surrounds her. She is no longer reliant on conditions being different. She feels inspired, relaxed, has a clear understanding for her purpose, and for all that has transpired. She has overcome the monster which turned out to be her own shadow all along..

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50 cm x 50 cm, 90 cm x 90 cm

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Archival print, Diasec, Perspex