The Gift


Artist: Verna du Toit

Medium : Digitally transformed
Limited Edition: 50

EditionsSize in cmMedAvailable onShipping
2060 x 60Digitally transformedArchival printtube
1580 x 80Digitally transformedArchival printtube
10100 x 100Digitally transformedArchival printtube
5120 x 120Digitally transformedArchival printtube

The Gift, Digitally Transformed

“With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.” Wayne Dyer

Within this transformative artwork, Figurine takes center stage, radiating vulnerability and potential in equal measure. Her stance captures a delicate equilibrium, a dance between feeling trapped and the whisper of unexplored possibilities. Gazing at her, one senses the weight of her struggles, her yearning to break free from self-imposed limits. Yet, her wings – delicate and ethereal – stretch like a silent promise, hinting at her innate power to transcend the mundane and reach for something higher.

Two doors emerge from the heart of the scene, each a gateway to contrasting worlds. The first door, veiled in shadows, emanates an air of mystery. Within this obsidian chamber courses the lifeblood of existence, a fluid current of both discomfort and vitality.  Here, a perceptive bat offers a valuable gift – a trove of new insights. This offering, akin to a key, holds within it the power to unlock Figurine’s very being, freeing her from the chains of her self-imposed limitations.. A clear echo of Wayne Dyer’s wisdom resonates, reminding us that challenges can be pathways to growth and transformation.

In sharp contrast, the second door exudes serenity and beckoning light. Graceful butterflies dance on its threshold, embodying metamorphosis and renewal. This illuminated path leads to a majestic tree of life, its roots cradling the seeds of potential, a promise of rebirth and growth.

Figurine’s attire speaks its own language – a top hat symbolizing a veneer of authority. In a world where ego often reigns, a pair of compasses mirroring her search for genuine purpose amid life’s complexities. A chimney releases resistance, ushering a moment of clarity – a realization of the precious gift before her.

The call of the cuckoo bird resonates, guiding her mental voyage up the ladder of introspection, leading her back to her origin, where serenity finally finds its embrace.

Central to this digital creation are three key elements, meticulously rendered with ballpoint pen before undergoing digital transformation:

  1. The Lock and Key:

A lock, a potent symbol of self-imposed limitations, is juxtaposed with a key – a vessel brimming with newfound wisdom. This dichotomy mirrors Dyer’s wisdom, encapsulating the transformative potential of perceiving challenges as gateways to liberation.


  1. The Third Eye of Source Consciousness:

Positioned as a sentinel, the Third Eye embodies an awakening to higher consciousness and intuition. It traces Figurine’s journey of embracing life’s enigmatic nuances, recognizing them as opportunities for profound spiritual evolution.


  1. The Ancient Sun Clock:

A relic of antiquity, the sun clock serves as a reminder of life’s cyclical rhythms. Its perpetual motion mirrors Figurine’s narrative, a dance between challenges and triumphs. This symbolic timepiece encapsulates the notion that setbacks are mere chapters within the grand tapestry of her journey.


“The Gift Digitally Transformed” stands as a symphony of artistry and philosophy, inviting observers to join Figurine’s voyage. It celebrates the transformative power of choice, reminding us that every experience – whether a soaring flight or a daunting hurdle – contributes to the intricate mosaic of life’s ever-evolving story.”

Available Sizes

120 cm x 120 cm, 60 cm x 60 cm, 80 cm x 80 cm, 100 cm x 100 cm


This artwork is printed on archival fine art paper (print size includes white paper border)

Signature & Certificate

Each limited Edition print is digitally signed with the unique stamp of the artist, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.