Finding heart & mind coherence


Artist: Verna Du Toit

Medium : Pen and Ink, atomized acrylic and ink on paper

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Unique52 x 53Drawing (pen,ink) Atomized acrylic & inkPapercrate

Size:  Art work 52 cm x 53 cm framed

{Framed with Art glass, anti-reflective, UV protected}

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Every person comes into life as a unique expression of source consciousness. The socialization process of our current world disables the process which allows a child to unfold into their own unique blueprint. We are conditioned to believe, that the approval of others, will result in our success, fulfilment, and happiness. From an early age we learn to discard qualities we believe to be inferior or inappropriate, in favour of qualities we feel will get us love and acceptance. The blindfolded sheep represents the false sense of self, in other words the egoic nature of humanity, and our unquestioning conformity to a “groupthink” mentality. The road sign represents a feeling of being lost in the world.


Our emotions are the language of the heart, which is the center of our being. The heart has it’s own intelligence and the more connected we are with our hearts, the more connected we are with our personal truth. The heart represents our intuitive feminine side.  When the heart is in balance, it is expansive, fluid, and creative.


Thoughts are the language of the mind. The mind represents our masculine energy and is our logical thinking center.  When we slow down our breathing, our brain waves also slow down and our heart and mind start working in unison, this is referred to as heart-mind coherence. Techniques which can be used to increase brain and heart coherence are:  deep breathing, meditation, yoga, visualization and progressive muscle relaxation.


The eye symbolizes a higher perspective and awareness, and it represents the balance between our heart and mind. When our heart and minds are in harmony, our perception of ourselves and the world changes. We are no longer in a survival mode, and we experience things like:  increased creativity, greater clarity of thought, improved decision-making, improved emotional stability and overall reduced stress levels.




Modigliani mixed media 200 gsm paper


All unique work, comes with a certificate of authenticity and the artists embossed logo on the artwork

Art Glass

This artwork is framed in Art Glass.
ARTGLASS AR 70: Artglass AR 70 reveals true colours and texture of the art. Thanks to its anti-reflective coating, which reduces unwanted reflections to less than 1%, nothing will prevent one from viewing the actual content of the framed item. Moreover Artglass AR 70™ has a smooth surface that allows for details to emerge unaltered. The glass is low iron glass (no green tint) and has a green reflection.