Harmony 05


Medium : Ink, acrylics on Hahnemuhle 300 gr Matt paper
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Unique53 x 53Painting (ink, acrylics)Hahnemuhle 300 gr Matt papertube

Size:  Art work 47cm, paper 53 cm x 53 cm unframed

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Concentric circles:

Concentric: When two or more objects share the same center.

Harmony: Harmony is the combination of separate but related parts that use their similarities to bring unity to a painting, drawing of art object

Circles: Are sacred, universal and divine. They represent the continuity of life, & the inclusivity of the universe.

Think of the raindrop hitting the surface of a pond or lake. When the raindrop touches the surface, its impact upon the surface ripples out in the form of concentric rings. We cannot ignore that our actions affect the environment, and that all actions are interrelated.

A circle represents eternity.

In many customs and spiritual beliefs, a circle represents the Divine life-force or Spirit that keeps our reality in motion. It is symbolic of vitality, wholeness, completion, and perfection. … The meaning of shapes and symbols meets us where we are ready to listen and learn.

Spiritually, the circle represents a supernatural motion that keeps things moving continuously. A circle represents the heavens, whereas the earth and human form are seen as the square. One a larger scale, a circle represents the Divine that keeps everything moving through spiritual law and order. On a smaller scale, a circle represents our own individual spiritual force that keeps us evolving.

Some interesting information on how this artwork was created:

This concentric circle was created with a specially designed spinning device. The spinning device concept came about after Laresa, wanted to have a rotating easel to make working on geometric art works a lot easier on the shoulders. Her first spinning device was made out the rotisserie motor of her braai (barbeque). She woke up early one morning and dismantled the family braai. She then made a very primitive rotating device that she burnt out within a few days. And so, the process began of refining what she needed the final unit to do. The process of refining the device took approximately 2 years with a lot of sketches, homemade prototypes, and designs. Now Laresa has a unit that can be used in all the ways she has in her mind. Her final design with all the alterations and amendments was put together by an engineering company in Cape Town.

The various units she designs to execute her artwork, is an integral part of her process of creation. To date she has come up with 3 main designs, with each having their own unique functions with various appendages.

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Hahnemuhle 300 gr Matt paper


All unique work, comes with a certificate of authenticity and the artists embossed logo on the artwork