The Herded


Artist: Verna du Toit

Medium : Digital
Limited Edition: 35

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2059.4 x 76.2DigitalArchival printtube
1084.1 x 107.9DigitalArchival printtube
5112.3 x 144DigitalArchival printtube
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Each body of work represents various stages of my evolution. Each character reflects an intricate layer of my existence. Paradoxically it holds a universal message, and at the same time instigates an extremely personal dialogue. Words truly cannot define, and the mind cannot completely comprehend. The true essence can only be sensed individually through the experience, assimilation and creation of your own life.


With the limited expression of words, the intention behind my latest artwork titled ‘The Herded’ is an embodiment of self. The main character sheds all old beliefs of conformity, and disillusionment of the false self, which is expressed through the flock as well as its keeper, the wolf. The true self emerges from the old way of thinking into the new way of being. She embraces her strength symbol, which is the power of the dragon. This element which is feared and believed to be destructive, actually holds the fundamental key in finding her strength to break free from old restraints and beliefs.


In reality, it is to embrace all aspects of herself, even the sides which are perceived as negative. Understanding and embracing her power, allows her to transcend her victim mentality. For the first time she has the ability to stand up for herself. She places her trust on her own inner wisdom, which she now places above any form of indoctrination, outside judgements and futile warnings.


The bold new self is fiercely determined in her desire to shed her old skin. She is eager to spread her new wings. Her greatest strength is her awareness and the ability to See the truth. She finally realises the importance of all contrast, and that she is the creator of her own existence. She understands that Life and death are part of the same continuum. Ultimately there is no real death but only more life…


Available Sizes

42 cm x 59.3 cm, 59.4 cm x 76.2 cm, 84.1 cm x 107.9 cm, 112.3 cm x 144 cm


This artwork is printed on archival fine art paper (print size includes white paper border)

Signature & Certificate

Each limited Edition print is digitally signed with the unique stamp of the artist, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.