Heartache transforms


Artist: Verna du Toit

Medium : Digitally transformed
Limited Edition: 50

EditionsSize in cmMedAvailable onShipping
1650 x 50Digitally transformedArchival printtube
1650 x 50Digitally transformedPerspexcrate
790 x 90Digitally transformedArchival printtube
790 x 90Digitally transformedPerspexcrate
490 x 90Digitally transformedDiaseccrate

As I embarked on my artistic journey, I found myself drawn to the life and struggles of Frida Kahlo – a woman whose pain and passion transcended time and culture. I yearned to capture her essence and merge it with my own, to create a work of art that was not only beautiful, but also meaningful.

In my pursuit, I was struck by the resilience and creativity that Frida demonstrated in her life. Despite the hardships she faced, she never lost her love for life and her commitment to art. And so, in my own artwork, I sought to embody that same spirit of determination and hope.

Using the imagery of flowering lungs, I sought to capture the transformative power of breath and the rejuvenation of the soul. The delicate butterfly wings that surrounded the wounded heart were a symbol of protection and metamorphosis, representing the beauty that can arise from even the most painful experiences.

And finally, in the background of my work, I placed the sugar skulls – a nod to Mexican culture and the belief that death is not an end, but a continuation of life. To me, they represented the possibility of transcendence, of shedding our old selves and emerging stronger and more beautiful than before.

Through my artwork, I hoped to pay homage to Frida Kahlo and her enduring legacy, while also exploring my own journey of healing and growth.

Available Sizes

50 cm x 50 cm, 90 cm x 90 cm

Available On

Archival print, Diasec, Perspex


Blue, Pink, Teal, Yellow