Introducing Laresa Perlman

Laresa Perlman

Laresa Perlman is an accomplished nature and commercial photographer, and a visionary in the realm of sacred geometry.  Her art is not just a hobby, but a way of life. Born in the vibrant city of Cape Town in 1970, Laresa has found her home in the peaceful and serene Eden Farm, which is situated at the base of the magnificent Langeberg Mountains near the enchanting town of Montagu. Unlike many artists, her journey to art has been anything but straightforward, starting with coaching tennis and golf, partnering in a business venture with her father, and earning a diploma in business management at Cape Technikon. Her varied experiences in marketing, digital security, and commercial photography served as stepping stones that ultimately led her to her true calling.

In the late nineties, Laresa embarked on an adventure that would shape her career trajectory in unimaginable ways. She joined forces with Mark Shuttleworth at Thawte, diving headfirst into uncharted waters of digital security. As one of the earliest employees, she witnessed the genesis of a revolutionary concept unfold. The company grew at a rapid pace, acquiring 42% global market share, catapulting Laresa into a whirlwind of new experiences. Her travels took her far and wide, weaving a path through Silicon Valley in the days, where she engaged with a myriad of teams and delivered presentations with the utmost skill. As Laresa bid farewell to Thawte, she embarked on a photographic venture with a franchise called Digischool – a ground breaking approach to school photography that harnessed the power of digital media and technology. With two dedicated teams at her disposal, she unleashed a whirlwind of creativity and innovation, transforming ordinary snapshots of kids into an array of exquisite products like magic mugs and bespoke bags.

Laresa was driven by a constant desire to improve herself and expand her knowledge. It was this thirst for growth that led her to discover the idyllic sanctuary of Ravenna mountain retreat. Despite her impressive success in the business world, she refused to become complacent and was always on the lookout for new challenges to continue her personal development.

Ravenna was a true gem, nestled at the foot of majestic Langeberg mountains and boasting 15 snug beds. It was the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, offering a peaceful respite that was hard to come by elsewhere. Despite the business being in dire financial straits, Laresa fearlessly plunged ahead, determined to turn things around in record time.

Armed with her unwavering drive and determination, Laresa breathed new life into Ravenna, transforming it into a flourishing mountain retreat with 37 beds that enchanted all who visited. Her tireless efforts paid off, and the charming sanctuary became a beloved destination that captured the hearts of all who crossed its threshold.

As the proud owner of Ravenna, Laresa didn’t just create a tranquil escape for weary travelers; she also curated a captivating program of photography courses that captured the imagination of enthusiasts far and wide. From the fundamentals of General Introduction to Digital Photography to the intricacies of Macro Photography and Studio Lighting, Laresa’s workshops catered to all skill levels.

In 2018, she took a leap of faith and sold her guest farm, choosing to immerse herself in the world of nature art photography and sacred geometry – her true calling.

Laresa’s artistic muse lies in the captivating geometry and symbolism ingrained in Mother Nature’s every aspect. Driven by her passion for innovation, she seamlessly merges the boundaries between painting, photography, digital art, with bespoke gadgets, producing one-of-a-kind masterpieces that are truly remarkable. She draws inspiration from the delicate nuances of flowers, the intricate details of plants, and the captivating allure of insects, transforming them into stunning photographic, digital, and geometric creations. Her vivid imagination and skilled hands weave together intricate patterns, geometric shapes, and harmonious designs, bringing to life exquisite acrylic, watercolour, and ink works that capture the soul of nature.

“I’m an art enthusiast, and I revel in the boundless possibilities that different mediums offer – paint, ink, watercolours, and more. My insatiable thirst for creativity fuels my passion for experimentation, and I’m constantly pushing the boundaries to create truly unique works of art. When I’m lost in the magic of my art, sometimes you’ll find me almost entirely coated in paint, and at others, wielding the finest of brushes to add the finishing touches to my creations. And, of course, I’m never alone – my furry companions, dogs, and cats, keep me company every step of the way.

My journey into art has been nothing short of exhilarating, and it has inspired me to create works that radiate peace, playfulness, and tranquillity. I imbue my art with symbolism and uplifting energy to help both myself and the viewer connect with the beauty of nature through geometry, patterns, and colour. My art is intended to heal, and it holds the power to help others reconnect with themselves on a profound level, soothing their minds, bodies, and souls.”

In the realm of art, collaboration is a powerful tool that brings forth unique perspectives and allows for a fusion of diverse experiences. For the visionary co-founders of Collaborative Art Creations, Laresa Perlman and her partner, Verna du Toit, every brushstroke and canvas serves as a portal to their journey, encompassing the highs and lows of their lives. The raw emotions of heartbreak and the elation of triumph, intermingle in a delicate dance that culminates in a mesmerizing art form. With a relentless drive to explore the contrast and forge a path of intentional collaboration, they aspire to ignite a spark in others to unleash their inner artist and paint their own stories on the canvas of life.

Studies & Business:

1991: Qualified as an International tennis Instructor

1992-1995: Owner and co founder of Kitskoppie/Mugshots

1994-1996: Cape Technicon: Business Management, Awarded the most promising student business management

1997-2000: Thawte Consulting

2000-2007:  Owner of Digischool school photography franchise

2004-2018: Owner of Ravenna Mountain Retreat

2018 – present Co founder of Collaborative art creations


2018: Solo exhibition photographic works, Zandvliet Wine Estate, Langeberg

2018: Group Exhibition photographic works, Titled Wings, Ibis Gallery Montagu

2019: Group Exhibition titled CHUI-TA-KA-MA, curated by Anna Liebenberg, Johann van Heerden’s Art Gallery, JHB, South Africa – collaborative works

2019: Group exhibition, titled: Rites of passage, Gallery One11, Cape Town

2020: Group exhibition World Health Organization, Create 2030, Covid 19 arts festival, Solidarity shows Virtual Art Gallery, and online arts festival.

2022: Collaborative art Exhibition with Verna du Toit, at the Montagu Country Hotel gallery

2023: Group Exhibition titled New Day, at South Hill Vineyards Art Gallery


2010 -present, Laresa’s photographic work has featured in woman and home, and Wineland Magazines

2010 – present: Photographic adjudicator at Montagu Youth Arts Festival

2020 Frikifish, Spain, the confinement chronicles online exhibition – top 30 art works chosen from around the world depicting Covid 19, featured a piece called Covid Rising

2020 – Dwell time, am award winning nonprofit organization reflecting mental wellbeing, featured my poem “My silent cry” depicting the effects of Covid-19 on mental healthstarted


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